Tell Me About Concrete Counter Tops


            Concrete countertops are a beautiful option for:
-fireplace mantles and surrounds

            Shapes are unlimited because most pieces are formed by hand, this allows them to be put in virtually any room in your home.

Product Info and Structure

          Concrete countertops, are a hard dense natural stone product, they are beautiful with a sense of warmth and permanence. Typical pieces are one and one half inches thick, and are reinforced with fiberglass and steel. This ensures durability and longevity of our product.


          We can show you pieces to touch and feel, as well as bring color samples to your home. Many different finishes are available including:
-Single Color (trowel) finish
-Terrazzo (ground) finish
-Veined or Marbleized finish
-Pressed finish


            Sealers are applied to penetrate and seal cement particles inside the product. Topical sealers are also applied to the top surface to obtain the desired glossiness and provide stain resistance. Kitchen sealers are also Food Grade Safe. This allows for a beautiful look to match any room, and keep cement surfaces safe from contaminants and stains in the concrete product.


          Typical pieces can be fabricated and installed within two to three weeks. Call us for info on
-Kitchen countertops
-Outdoor countertops
-Fireplace surrounds
-And more!

Product Info

            We use Buddy Rhodes cement, colors, and sealers; as well as other top of the line products to ensure the best cement products available.